Not A Single Flaw

February 7th, 2008

Last week I mentioned that I was going to the Sparky’s Flaw concert with my friends, Meagan and Claire, and let me just say…it was AWESOME!! I have no complaints about the performance from the band and the openers were great too! One of the opening acts, Phil Bensen, was amazing. He is like a mix between Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson and is now one of my favorite artists! I especially love his song, “Not Good Enough,” which is a soulful blend of all that is good in the world of music, from a great set of strong vocals to some rocking drums and fanciful guitar work. Rock on Phil Bensen!

Sparky’s Flaw was on fire that night, too. They sang some of the old stuff, like my favorite song, “The New Year,” and some new stuff that I can’t wait to get once they record it. Their stage presence was fantastic, they always got the crowd going and there was never a dull moment. Their sound is unparalleled, filled with vocals, sax, keyboards, drums, bass and some killer guitar! The best part of the night was definitely meeting the band and finding out that they might be heading this way and playing at The Loft! If so, I will definitely be there, and I know Meagan and Claire will be right beside me!