We Got the Beat, We Got the Beat, We Got the… Beatles?!

February 11th, 2008

Alright, so I doubt that The Beatles were influenced by The Go-Go’s, but their music was shaped by some talented and great performers. The Beatles pulled from the rich vocals, guitar sounds, piano strokes, and drumbeats of their predecessors and used them to create a new kind of rock and pop sound that changed the 1960’s.

The Beatles created a signature sound that drew from a background of blues, folk, rock and even pop. These influences appear throughout their hit, “Please Please Me.” The song’s prominent electric guitar sound can be traced to Elvis and Ray Charles, and the finger picking in the very beginning is reminiscent of Robert Johnson and Blind Lemon Jefferson. In fact, The Beatles eventually did a cover of Jefferson’s “Match Box Blues.” Their expertly controlled lyrics pull from Robert Johnson, while the hint of rawness in them are like those of Son House and Jefferson. The song also has a repetitive quality like that of The Crystals’ song “Da Doo Ron Ron.” Finally, The Beatles’ “Please Please Me” has a bluesy sound mixed with flippant lyrics, which emulates the likes of Buddy Holly in “Peggy Sue” and Motown’s “Money.”

Overall, The Beatles show that even one song can represent so much and can be made up of so many components. The Beatles treat music like a five star chef treats cooking. When a chef creates something, it can seem so simple, yet without just the right combination of ingredients, and the right ingredients in general, the food would taste horrible. That is what The Beatles did with their music: they took just the right ingredients (electric guitar, bluesy sound, etc.) and used just the right amount (no one element was too overbearing) to create something…well…delicious. So, please, give me a second helping of that!