The End

April 28th, 2008

We have 4 days left…and then we’re all sophomores. It is so crazy to think about. This year has FLOWN by, it feels like yesterday I was a scared little freshman starting high school and now I’m about to be a sophomore in college. It’s almost surreal how quickly it all passes by.

As we are wrapping up the website, I started thinking about how awesome this semester has been. What other class do you get to debate songs in (it’s rock, no it’s soul, no it’s progressive!)? What other professor brings you out to the amphitheater just to chat on a beautiful day?

This class has had its moments, but overall, I’ve really enjoyed it. I mean, we learned about rock music all semester! How awesome is that?

So, thanks for a great semester Dr. C! Good luck on finals everyone, have a great summer and see you all in the fall!! 🙂