Pachelbel Rant

April 1st, 2008

Ok, so like I said in a couple posts back, I was, and basically still am, a band/music nerd.

So, when my cousin told me about this video, I nearly fell on the floor laughing at it. I then showed it to my roommate who has played music her entire life as well, and she basically had the same reaction. (Then again, I showed it to my other roommate the next morning and she didn’t find it as hilarious…she’s not a music nerd like her roommates are and it was 10 in the morning…) Anyways, it’s a video of this comedian ranting about how awful Pachelbel’s Canon in D is and how it has haunted him his entire life.

You really have be a music nerd like me to love this video as much as I do. I find it hilarious. And I thought, who better to share this with than our Rock and Roll class? ENJOY!! 😀